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  • Posted April 1st 2019, 4:37 PM
  • By Raywonder

disclaimer disclaimer and notice

    Mass notice to all users of the server who use the services like

  • Team Talk 5 server
    • ResilioSync Server File Storage
    • VPN Service
  • Web/service hosting e.g
    • Streaming services for radio stations
Please note:
As of April first 2019
If you are agreeable to this request:
Please contact myself
Directly… You may also use the comments forum here on this page as…

Typing made easy with Flicktype for iOS

Are you one who wishes you could type easyer on your iOS keyboard?
If this is you, no worries
Flicktype for iOS
can help!

Typing Made Easy With Flicktype

I've done a podcast with Ashley and Kosta
(hope I am spelling your names right guys…)
and they tell you what's going on with Flicktype for iOS and how you can become a beta tester yourself!
You may download it on the App Store now to try it out…

Hello Alexa! Downcast anybody?

  • Posted March 22nd 2018, 2:10 PM
  • By Raywonder

Awesome news for you!

The podcast I host Podcasting for All
is on Alexa!
Yes that's right! Now you can play our podcast via Alexa!
Also, in Downcast you can search for Podcasting For All and it'll show up!
Here's the news from our podcast host!