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My name is Dominique Stansberry, AKA Raywonder.
I'm blind and am 25 years old at the time of writing.
I love reading in my spare time: and yes I am a Harry Potter fan!
I love reading the Fanfic stories on
Harry Potter
and just enjoy reading in general.
I dabble in keys a little bit but my strongest qualities are singing and producing music/audio.
My tools are
  • Macbook Pro 2012
  • Virtual machine for Windows tasks I like to do such as playing audio games from
the website] My Mac tools are - from Apple. Music is my life and has been since I was three years old.


Singing/SongWriting, recording engineer and podcast and music producer

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XPand2 VST

September 3rd 2018

This is the Windows Installer for XPand2 VST

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