There are significant ongoing costs in keeping Raywonder Is Me running and moving forward. If you feel you can assist by donating money it would be much appreciated.
It would help things like the
 TeamTalk5 server (Most popular)
stay up and running.
I take donations via Paypal. If you do not wish to use that method, I have a way for you to donate. ia a appcalled CashApp.

What services do you offer?

Services I offer could be  things like Witch you can
access our team talk server with Facebook
Note that it only will use Facebook to login. It will not do any thing else or read messages.
This is only to authenticate you.
Note the team talk app must be installed on your device or operating system before using the link above.
If you want to enter info manually you can
Get the manual TT5 server info here.

Our Chat lobby also has more features!

Chat Lobbie

Chat Lobbie


Donate via the Cash APP.
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Pay with Paypal

You can use the button below to pay with Paypal or create an account if you do not have one.
Its fast and easy and safe.
Any amount will do.
Even $5 is appreciated.

Pay me via Paypal.