Rules / Information

  • Stay within the common sense topic of the room and/or realm. Do not present yourself in an offensive manner in an unprotected/unmarked room, nor create unprotected offensive rooms, realms or items that are accessible without knowledge of their potentially offensive content
  • Do not disrupt the layout of realms by placing unsuitable rooms or putting rooms in unsuitable locations. Do not build 'my fun house' in a simulation realm, but rather build an authentic room. Do not place your own rooms in order to block other new rooms being created: for example, don't stop corridor growth by blocking all possible routes.
  • Do not interfere with the flow of someone elses quests.
  • We do not vet each new added room, item, or realm before they are added and we disclaim any liability for any offensive content. If you find content you find offensive please contact a member of staff and we will deal with the problem as soon as we are able to.
  • Be careful when entering rooms, or realms or you might end up somewhere dangerous, or offensive: the name of the portal or a warning when entering a room will be a good clue to whats through it.
  • Do not take the game too seriously. The admins will not penalise people for trapping you, or pickpocketing you. You are at the mercy of the realm maker when you enter a realm, as long as that realm maker does not break any rules. If you don't want to be pickpocketed, store your items in a protected room.
  • If you make mistakes that lead to cheating/misuse of your environments, do not expect the admins to fix it.
  • Do not privately contact admins or mods for general problems: post them in the forum.
  • Do not complain if you are sent to jail: you deserved it. Do not complain you lost your items.